Kaitlin Brennan

πŸ’₯ Clicks Queen πŸ’₯

Conversions and comedy – at scale

Hi! I’m KB, and I love to build and create things. Mostly, I create lead gen strategies and content for startups and write + produce comedy in the Los Angeles area. I think ebooks are boring and your company should stop producing them.


πŸ™ I solemnly swear to never use #buzzwords 🀫
  • Content Strategy

    • Drive inbound traffic to your website
    • Leverage analytics and other tech for data-driven approach
    • Strategies that provide value
  • Marketing Direction

    • Experience building marketing departments from the ground up
    • Develop and scale marketing strategies for early-stage startups
  • Creative Writing

    • Humorous essays, short stories, and sketches
    • No one has technically paid me for this yet... call me, Netflix!!!
  • Demand Gen

    • Campaigns that drive and convert leads
    • Experienced with inbound, outbound, lead nurture, and client lifecycle programs

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